Financial Hacks for Millennials: Are Credit Cards A Necessar

Financial Hacks for Millennials: Are Credit Cards A Necessary Evil?

Having an additional payment option in your wallet comes with advantages. Say you’re strapped for cash but your preteen needs a new bike, you can simply charge it to your card. It provides a cushion in case you face a short-term budget crunch.

Credit cards have been given a bad name due to their easy misuse. 这就是为什么信用卡要为普通美国人背负的巨额债务负责的原因. Despite the backlash, credit cards may have some significant advantages.


The bad rap on credit cards goes way back.  从花钱只是为了获得年费形式的钱, to getting you into high-interest debt; we are wired to only think negatively about carrying “plastic” in our wallets.  Now, there are card options that do not have annual fees, 甚至零利率也能帮助你更快地偿还和管理债务. How else can credit cards bring confidence to your financial world?

1. Building Credit

开通信用额度是建立信用评分的一个重要步骤. 在债权人眼中,740分或更高的分数被认为是非常好的.1 你的信誉最终可能使你有资格获得较低利率的汽车贷款, mortgages, and other financial tools.  Be careful though, don’t rack up debt just to build your credit. 每个月付清欠款,量入为出是建立并保持良好信用评分的关键.

2. Security

Credit cards can offer protection from theft or fraud. “If your debit card is stolen your account can be locked, 这可能会导致汽车汇票和账单被拒付,费用会增加到你的个人或企业银行账户上。”, advises Christine Smith, Financial Representative, Wealth Advisory Group, LLC. 如果账单、贷款等没有按时支付,你的信用评分可能会受到打击. 在银行调查期间,欺诈性交易和收回资金可能需要相当长的时间.

When a credit card is stolen, money is not being taken from your bank, and is only limited to how much your credit limit is. 当你通知你的信用卡公司欺诈费用,他们可能会立即开始调查. If the amounts are low, they may remove them off your card right away. If the amounts are higher, 他们可以暂时冻结这张卡,展开更大规模的调查. 你还可以为你的卡上的交易设置提醒,这样一旦发生欺诈行为,你和你的信用卡公司都会得到通知. 一些信用卡网络为未经授权的使用提供零责任保险. 当消费者无法自行解决商户纠纷时,几家信用卡公司现在也提供消费者保护,帮助解决退款问题.

3. Cashback

It has never been easier to earn money from your credit cards. 这些年来,现金返还的概念已经发展成为一种金融机会. 许多信用卡都有一些积分或奖励,以及一些定期消费的额外积分,比如汽油, online shopping or restaurants. With every purchase, you accumulate points that may be redeemed against gift cards, merchandise items or in some cases cash back.

Finding a card that aligns with your spending patterns does the trick. 购买一张可以给你提供优惠折扣和奖励的信用卡,这样可以鼓励你继续光顾你喜欢的零售商. Be sure to also check annual fees that some cards have. 这并不一定是一件坏事,因为当你收取年费时,有些卡可能会提供更高的回报.


1. Pay the balance off monthly as not to gain credit card debt.
2. Do not spend more than you can afford. If you must make a big-ticket purchase on your card, calculate the installments, and make sure you can pay back it back comfortably every month. Also, try to leverage 0% offers.
3. Start using a credit card for normal expenses like, gas, groceries, etc. 你可以每周、每两周或每月还款.
4. 对于新增的组织,固定费用使用一张卡,非固定费用使用另一张卡. 这允许更严格的预算,并让你直接找到你的支出中低效的地方.

找到一张对你和你的生活方式有最大好处的卡片是值得花时间做研究的.  考虑如何将信用卡作为你的财务计划目标的一部分, 考虑与财务代表交谈,因为你的总体财务计划随着时间的变化.

“建立金融信心使人们能够利用所有可能的潜在机会. 信用卡只是这个机会馅饼的另一块,如果正确使用,它可以提供额外的好处,” says Christine Smith.


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